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Tom Baird - CLI, CFC, CXLT, WACH

Forensic Safety Investigator, Consultant & Expert Witness

Walkway Safety, LLC conducts personal injury and wrongful death investigations.  Tom consults on a wide variety of safety issues for attorneys with the majority of his work focused on premises liability. Our specialty is sidewalk trip and falls on public right of ways. 

It is important to document an injury incident site as soon as possible after the incident. This helps to ensure proper facts are preserved before changes to the site occur. 


Tom’s experience includes being retained on over 1,840 personal injury cases around the nation. Tom has been deposed 96 times and has testified in 44 trials. He has been working with attorneys nationally and internationally since 1994. 


Investigating Premises Liability Cases since 1994 !

Slips, Trips, Falls and other Safety Issues

"Specializing in sidewalk trip and falls on public right-of-ways... and we also love slip and fall on ice cases"


Case Work ~ $200 / Hour
Testimony ~ $325 / Hour
Retainer to Begin Work ~ $750.00

Shirley Wilson - CXLT, WACH
Forensic Safety Investigator

Shirley is located in Portland Oregon and conducts site inspections for all cases located in the Pacific Northwest. She is also available for site inspections in other states.

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